Why is there an exception when executing SQL Scripts?

The installation section of the Help file requires that SQLSysClrTypes.msi (x86) and SharedManagementObjects.msi (x86) are installed. Please note that these are the x86 versions of CLR Types and SMO. The x86 version will run on both x86 and x64 processors. If the x64 version is present / installed there will be an ‘Object Not Found’ exception when executing SQL Scripts from the user interface of kiss!®, concatSQL!® and SQLscriptIT!®.


If you are experiencing these errors then please uninstall the x64 versions of SQLSysClrTypes.msi and SharedManagementObjects.msi then install the x86 versions of SQLSysClrTypes.msi and SharedManagementObjects.msi. SQL Server 2014 will still work if the x64 version has been installed but then has to work with the x86 version of CLR Types and SMO.


SQLSysClrTypes.msi (x86) and SharedManagementObjects.msi (x86) can be downloaded from http://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/download/details.aspx?id=42295

Why script Database Objects to separate SQL files?

A database script that is in one file (as produced by other scripting applications) is hard to manage in a team development environment. If one developer has to modify some SQL the whole file is locked meaning nobody else can make changes.


The solution to this is to script out Database Objects into their own files in the same way Code Classes should be in their own files with the file name reflecting the name of the Code Class. kiss!, concatSQL! and SQLscriptIT! all script Database Objects (using Script Database) into separate files named with the name of the Database Object.


If a single SQL script is required for distribution / installation purposes then kiss!, concatSQL! or concat! can concatenate the separate SQL files into a single SQL file, allowing the user to specify the order individual SQL scripts are added to the main SQL script (for dependency issues).

Why can’t I see Tables and Fields in my Solution

kiss! needs to be “Synchronised” to get the meta data about your database.

Click “Synchronise” on the main toolbar or treeview context menu then refresh your Solution. Tables and Fields should then be displayed where appropriate.

For best results please use “Windows Authentication” (Windows NT Integrated security) in your Connection Strings / Data Link Properties.

How do I deal with File Access errors during Generation?

The Generation process needs Full Access to the sub directories of the working directory (install directory) and the files they contain.

If a file is locked by another application e.g. Microsoft Visual Studio or Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio then File Access errors may occur.

To resolve this, ensure that no files about to be re-generated are locked by other applications, then start the Generation process again.

How do I back-up an installation?

Use Xcopy or Robocopy to copy the entire installation to a back-up location.

To restore a backup, copy the back-up to the exact, original installation location.

Can the installation be copied to another location?

No. Once installed and used the files and folders under the working directory cannot be moved \ copied to another location.

What Windows Operating Systems are supported?

All products use .Net Framework 4.5 so will only run on:

  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
Can I install to the Program Files folder?

No. All products need full read \ write permission (Full Access) to the working directory and sub directories.

How to I install a new version?

If “12 months of updates” was purchased with your Product Key please follow these steps to install your new version of the Product(s).


  1. Uninstall (but do not Unregister) the existing Product(s) using Windows Add/Remove Programs. Do not delete the installation directory.
  2. Download & install the new version of the Product(s) into the original installation directory.
  3. There is no need to re-register the new installation.
What is the format of DAL & BLL results?

kiss! can generate either Value Objects (VO) or Datasets as results for the Data Access Layer (DAL) and Business Logic Layer (BLL).

What .Net Code Languages are supported?

kiss!® generates C# & VB.Net.

Can I Reverse Engineer an existing Database?

Yes, the Script Database functionality in kiss!® generates individual SQL Scripts for most SQL Server Database Objects:

Script Database

What if the Data Link Properties dialog doesn’t list SQL Servers?

If the required SQL Server is known to exist and is running then manually type the name of the SQL Server Instance in the combo box labelled “Select or enter a server name” (MachineName\SQLServerInstanceName):

Do I need a PayPal account?

No. PayPal allows the use of most major credit cards.

How do I Install a Product?
  1. Download the relevant Product from www.rapidagiledevelopment.com
  2. Run the xxxSetup.exe file selecting ‘Run as Administrator’ (all Products need Full Access to their working & sub directories).
  3. Accept the EULA.
  4. Choose installation destination if required.
  5. Proceed to let the installer run.
  6. Once complete there will be a desktop icon to run the application.
  7. Applications run with reduced functionality by default until a Product Key is purchased from www.rapidagiledevelopment.com and the Product is Registered.
How do I Register \ Unregister a Product?

To register a Product after purchasing a Product Key go to Help | Register.

Enter your details as supplied in your Product Key email and click “Register”.



To install a Product on a different machine the Product(s) must first be Unregistered (the Unregister button will be enabled when a Product has been successfully registered) from the current machine and re-Registered on the new machine.

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