kiss!® 5.0 Released

kiss!® 5.0 has now been released.


New Features:

  1. New! Web Services (WCF & WCFRJSON) for WCF and WCF RESTful JSON (C.R.U.D. only) in addition to ASP.NET Web Services.
  2. New! Existing Stored Procedures and Views now have DAL, BLL, Value Objects and Web Services generated for them.
  3. New! Web Service Config Files and XSD Export Files can also now be gnerated.
  4. Updated User Interface.
  5. New! Database Dashboard.
  6. New! Data Type Matrix.
  7. New! Preview DataSet Result XSD.
  8. New! Preview DataSet Result Value Object.
  9. New! Connects to Azure.
  10. New! Connects to remote MySQL Databases.
  11. Updated Class Diagrams in Help File.
  12. New! Custom Error Manager Class supplied (Assembly & Source Code).
  13. New! Demo Databases (MS SQL Server & MySQL) and Demo Applications (C# & VB.NET) available to download here.
  14. Various bug fixes and optimisation.

More information available here.



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