free kiss!® .net code generator


free kiss!® (version 3.0)  generates C#, VB.Net and SQL code, concatenates text files and executes SQL (MS SQL Server) scripts with placeholders.

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 free kiss!® .net code generator

To promote the launch of kiss!® version 4.0 kiss!® version 3.0 has been released for free!

Welcome to the kiss!® (version 3.0) .net code generator with SQL Script Management. All the functionality of concatSQL!®, SQLscriptIT!® & concat!® and more in one product.

  1. Reverse Engineer existing databases.
  2. Test SQL execution on a Test Database without affecting the Data Model Database.
  3. Generate C.R.U.D. stored procedures.
  4. Manage manually written stored procedures, test and concatenate into SQL Patches.
  5. Export Database Schema to CSV.

kiss!® Rapid Agile Development

kiss!® allows a developer to create C.R.U.D. stored procedures, Data Access Layer (DAL), Business Logic Layer (BLL) and Web Services in C# & VB.NET, execute SQL Scripts and use Placeholders in an iterative fashion.

Support for Microsoft SQL Server™ 2008, 2012 and 2014.

kiss!® has Templates to generate the following in C# and VB.NET:

  1. Base Classes
  2. Custom Classes (allows manual changes to partial classes without being overwritten during next generation cycle)
  3. Business Logic Layer (BLL, BLO)
  4. Convert Class (VO -> TO; TO -> VO)
  5. Data Access Layer (DAL, DAO)
  6. Domain Objects (DO)
  7. Domain Object Managers (MO)
  8. Field Enumerations
  9. Table Enumerations
  10. Transfer Objects (TO)
  11. Value Objects (VO), also known as Data Transfer Objects (DTO)
  12. Interfaces
  13. Web Services (WS)

This allows Rapid Application Development (RAD) via Prototyping and Agile Development. Create a Database Model for your application (currently Microsoft SQL Server™ 2008, 2012),  Generate C.R.U.D. stored procedures, DAL & BLL with optional Web Services. Templates allow you to craft generated output to your existing common code base as you require.




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