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Welcome to concat!® by Cove Bay Software Limited. concat!® is a Windows based Text File Concatenation application.

concat!® is part of the rapidagiledevelopment.com product suite and allows you to:


1.Concatenate text files in seconds.

2.Drag & Drop files into File Manifests (file groups).

3.Order / index files as required.

4.Manage batches of text files saving time and money.

5.Implement and manage Placeholders in your text files

6.Maintain file version numbers.

7.Use Third Party applications for file comparison (Beyond Compare) and file editing (EditPad Pro, Visual Studio, SQL Server Management Studio).


There are limitations applied to the Free Evaluation Version including:

1.Maximum of 3 files per File manifest.

2.30 day evaluation period.

3.Pop-up messages.

4.No Drag & Drop.


All these features are fully unrestricted & no pop-up messages with a purchased Product Key.




Concatenate text files e.g. SQL Scripts.

Concatenate text files using Placeholders and Hierarchical concatenation.







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