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Base Working Director

The starting directory when browsing for Files & Directories.

Text Editor

If no Text Editor is specified NotePad.exe is used. In this example EditPad Pro™ 7  is used available from Just Great Software.

Comparison Tool

Beyond Compare™ can be used as a File Comparison Tool. When 2 files are selected in the File Manifest they can be checked  by Beyond Compare™ available from Scooter Software.

Output File Encoding

The File Encoding of the Concatenated Output File. Choose from: ASCII | Default | Unicode |UTF32 | UTF7 | UTF8.

Line Ending

The Line Ending of each line of files being Concatenated. Choose from: Carriage Return (CR), Line Feed (LF), Carriage Return Line Feed (CRLF).

Synchronise on Load Solution

Prompts for Internal Data Model Synchronisation after opening a Solution.

Synchronise on Generate

Prompts for Internal Data Model Synchronisation before Generation.

Validate on Generate

Prompts for Table Manifest Validation before Generation.

Show File Preview

Enables the File Preview on the Main form and File Manifest form.

Set Text Colours

Highlights SQL Keywords & Data Types. This can take a while in large files so a context menu item is available for manual operation if this option is unchecked.

Delete old Generated Files (non Custom) on Generate

Causes existing Generated Files to be deleted before generating new files (housekeeping).


Details about the Author for use in File Headers.








Code Editor

Microsoft Visual Studio™  or Microsoft Code™ can be used to edit code files.







SQL Editor

Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio™ can be used to edit SQL files.

SQL Scripter™

SQL Scripter can be started from within the Table Manifest dialog (if already purchased & installed)


Microsoft SQLMetal can be used to generate LINQ to SQL classes via the SQLMetal Wizard





These are system wide Default Values.


Table Manifest Defaults (Code & SQL) can be overridden in individual Table Manifests and the Project Set Up Wizard:




Date Time Null Value

The value the DAL uses to detect Null Dates. C# or VB.NET code can be entered here e.g.


·Convert.ToDateTime(“01/01/0001 12:00:00 AM”)

Stored Procedure Prefix

Optional Prefix for Stored Procedures.

Stored Procedure Suffix

Optional Suffix for Stored Procedures.

Trim Table Prefix

Optional characters to trim from a Table Name (to allow for different table naming conventions). Also used to Filter Tables during Table selection.

Param Prefix

Optional Parameter Prefix to be added to Code & SQL Parameters.

Field Prefix

Optional Field Prefix for Code Class Member Variables (Fields).



Default Visual Studio Project paths


These are defaults that can be applied when creating a new Solution. If set to a common development directory the time taken to add new paths to a new solution is reduced. The paths are set according to Database Type (Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL).





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