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Quick Setup





Currently the minimum version of Database Server Assemblies used by kiss!® is as follows:


          Microsoft SQL Server SMO (Microsoft.SqlServer.Smo) version 12. Download from: https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/download/details.aspx?id=42295

          MySQL Server Connector (MySql.Data) version 6.9.8. Download from:  http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/installer/


Please note: For the best results in SQL and Code Generation please ensure that all tables have a Primary Key and IDENTITY Column.


Reminder: When altering Table Column(s) remember to alter any Stored Procedures and / or Views that use the column(s).


Set user interface and paths in Options (Tools|Options):




To set up kiss!® once installed, please perform the following steps in both kiss!® and Visual Studio as indicated:


1.Add required Visual Studio Projects to Visual Studio Solution depending on what is to be generated. (SQL, DAL, BLL, VO, DO, DOM, Enums, WS, WCF, WCFRJSON).

2.Add a New kiss!® Solution. (File|New Solution).

3.Add 3 Data Sources: Data Model, Test & Deployment. ().

4.Test Data Source connections.().

5.Set the Visual Studio Project Paths in the kiss!® Solution dialog.

6.Save kiss!® Solution.

7.Add 2 SQL Projects: SQL_ALTER and SQL_SCRIPT_DB. (Maintenance| Projects).

8.Synchronise kiss!® with Data Model Database. ()

9.Generate SQL ALTER Scripts from Logs to SQL_ALTER. (Tools|Logs).

10.Generate SQL CREATE Scripts in Script Database (reverse engineer Data Model) and save to SQL_SCRIPT_DB (Tools|Script Database).

11.Start C.R.U.D. Template Wizard and complete all steps choosing code language (C# / VB.Net), required Tables, Stored Procedures & Views. This will create required Projects. ().

12.Refresh Solution from main form ().

13.Generate Solution ().

14.Apply generated C.R.U.D. and ALTER SQL Scripts to Test Database ().

15.Add Custom & Generated Code directories to relevant Visual Studio Projects.

16.Set Visual Studio Project References.

17.Build Visual Studio Solution.



Example Solution shown with SQL Server Data Model & Test Database and Azure Deployment Database:










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