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Logs are generated by kiss!® to track the following changes to the Data Model Database:


Add (Table & Field)

Drop (Table & Field)

Rename (Table & Field) and Change Field Data Type,

Add, Drop, Rename, Alter Stored Procedure or View


Logs are generated for Table, Stored Procedure and View changes. To select a Log to view click .


Please note:

1.          Logs are cleared every time kiss!® is Synchronised with the Data Model Database.

2.          It is recommended that ALTER SQL Scripts be generated from Logs after each Data Model Change and kiss!® Synchronisation.


After Synchronising kiss!® with the Data Model Database the Logs dialog will be shown if there are any tracked (see above) database changes:





Select the Destination SQL Project or click  to add a SQL Project then click  to generate the SQL ALTER Scripts:




Once complete, close the Logs dialog and refresh the main form:




Example SQL ALTER project:










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