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Diagnostic aids are available from the main menu. Diagnostics available are:


1.Compare Database Model: Compare Data Model Database to internal Data Model. Use after changes to Data Model Database.

2.Compare File Manifests: Compare File Manifests with manually added Files to check for consistency e.g. SQL Patch Scripts.

3.Database Schema: Tables, Related Tables, Fields and Default Values, Stored Procedures and Views listed. Generate XSD files for Tables, Stored Procedures and Views. Generate Web Service Config Files for ASP.NET, WCF and JSON Web Services (endpoints, behaviour etc).

4.Table Assignment: Check Table assignments to Templates.




Compare Data Model


Compare Database To Data Model. Missing Tables are shown in red:. Synchronise with internal Data Model:




Compare File Manifest


Compare File Manifests checks the contents of File Manifests in the selected Project. This is useful to compare SQL Patches for example. Contents of Files can be compared if Beyond Compare is installed:




Database Schema


Database Schema presents the Tables, Related Tables (by Foreign Key), Fields and Default Values in the selected database in a list format which can be exported to CSV for use in emails / documentation. Use  to export the Database Schema, use  to generate XSD files for Tables, Stored Procedures that return a DataSet and Views.






Stored Procedures:









Table Assignment


Table Assignment allows the assignment of Tables to Templates to be checked to ensure the correct selections are made & maintained if the Solution is not set up as "Synchronised". Tables without a Primary Key or IDENTITY column are shown in red:





XSD Files


Click  to generate XSD files for Tables, Stored Procedures that return a DataSet and Views:





Once created, XSD Exports will be updated on each subsequent Data Model Synchronisation:





Web Service Config Files


Click  to generate Web Service Config files for ASP.NET, WCF and JSON Web Services:





Alternatively, the relevant Web Service Config files will be generated when the Solution is generated:







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