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1.Download the relevant Product from www.rapidagiledevelopment.com

2.Run the xxxSetup.exe file selecting 'Run as Administrator' (all Products need Full Access to their working & sub directories).

3.Accept the EULA.

4.Choose installation destination if required. Full Access to working and sub directories is required so do not use Program Files or other System directories.

5.Proceed to let the installer run.

6.For MySQL installations please ensure Connector/NET is installed (available on MySQL Community Download).

7.For MS SQL Server installations please ensure the following are installed (available on Microsoft® Download Centre) if MS SQL Server 2014 is not installed on target machine:

SQLSysClrTypes.msi (x86) from Microsoft® SQL Server® 2014 Feature Pack

SharedManagementObjects.msi (x86) from Microsoft® SQL Server® 2014 Feature Pack




Once complete there will be a desktop icon to run the application.


Applications run with reduced functionality by default until a Product Key is purchased from www.rapidagiledevelopment.com and the Product is Registered.



Product Registration


To register a Product after purchasing a Product Key go to Help | Register.


Enter your details as supplied in your Product Key email and click “Register”.





Register / Unregister


To install a Product on a different machine the Product(s) must first be Unregistered (the Unregister button will be enabled when a Product has been successfully registered) from the current machine and re-Registered on the new machine.








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