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Real world application development involves a mix of generated SQL & Code and manual SQL & Code. kiss!® is a GUI driven SQL and Code Generator. Text File Concatenation and Management is also available for Rapid Application Development / Prototyping. It aims to make SQL, Code Generation & Text File Concatenation simple and repeatable.


As much assistance as possible is given to access files & file locations and edit files in Third Party editors that suit the user. This provides one place to manage both generated and manually written SQL & Code.


Please note: For the best results in SQL and Code Generation please ensure that all tables have a Primary Key and IDENTITY Column.


Reminder: When altering Table Column(s) remember to alter any Stored Procedures and / or Views that use the altered Column(s).


kiss!® allows you to Generate SQL and Code from a Data Model Database, Test against a Test Database and Deploy to a Deployment Database all from within the same user interface.


ALTER SQL Scripts can be generated for the most common database changes: Add Tables, Fields, Stored Procedures & Views; Drop Tables, Fields, Stored Procedures & Views; Alter Stored Procedures and Views; Change Field data types.


Use the Dashboard to compare the Data Model Database to the Test and Deployment Databases.


Standard CRUD, DAL & BLL Templates are provided for SQL, C# & VB.NET. These Templates are written in native SQL, C# & VB.NET allowing the user to enter their own code to suit their project e.g. Connection String Providers, Custom Exception Handling, Custom Using / Import headers etc.


Database Connections


kiss!® maintains three database connections:

1.Data Model Database. This is used to implement the database design, Tables, manually written Stored Procedures, Views etc. It is not recommended that Stored Procedures generated by kiss!® be applied to the Data Mode Database as this will result in duplicate calls being generated by kiss!®.

2.Test Database. Use this to test manually written SQL scripts and SQL scripts generated by kiss!®.

3.Deployment Database. Use this as either a client (live) database connection or as a database to test full deployment once testing is successfully completed to test a deployment before going live.




Setup overview




Iterative Development Cycle overview

1.Adjust Data Model Database: Changes to the Data Model are implemented in the Data Model Database.

2.Synchronise kiss!: Changes in the Data Model Database must be synchronised in kiss! by Synchronising the Data Model and Validating Table Manifests. ALTER SQL Scripts can be generated for common actions Add (Table & Field), Drop (Table & Field), Rename (Table & Field) and Change Field Data Type.

3.Validate Table Manifest(s): Check Table Manifests shown in red for fields to be added to Data Model.

4.Generate Code & SQL: When kiss! has finished synchronising new Code & SQL can be generated to take account of the Data Model.

5.Execute SQL on Test Database: When Code & SQL have been generated SQL (both generated and manual SQL scripts) can be tested against the Test Database.









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