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Main Form





The kiss! main form is split into three main areas:


1. Solution / Project Tree View.

2. Detail List View.

3. File / SQL CREATE (SQL Data Definition Language, DDL) Statement Preview, DataSet Result XSD, Value Object Result Preview & SQL Error Messages.


Actions are performed via the Menu, Tool Bar and Context (pop Up) Menus




Tree View Layout

Table, Stored Procedure and View Manifests are represented in the following way:

1.Table, Stored Procedure or View Manifest.

2.The Tables, Stored Procedures or Views applied to the Manifest.

3.The File Manifest and Files generated for the Manifest.




Main Toolbar


Current user name

Refresh Solution

Wizards: C.R.U.D. Template Wizard or SQLMetal Wizard

Connect Data Sources

Synchronise internal Data Model with external Data Model Database

Validate File Manifests

Concatenate File Manifests

Execute selected SQL Script or SQL File Manifest

Generate selected item and sub items

Open Output File

Open Output File Location (Directory)

Copy Output File Contents to Clipboard

Target Database for SQL Script Execution. Choose from Data Model, Deployment or Test Database.



Tree View Context Menu


List View Context Menu







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