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A Solution is a group of Projects containing Table and File Manifests. A Table Manifest is a group of Tables (some or all Fields) selected from a Data Source against which Code can be Generated. A File Manifest is a group of text files to be Concatenated and /or Executed (if the file is a SQL Script). Files can be Added to the end or Inserted above a specific file in a File Manifest as required.


Add 3 Data Sources for a Solution:

1.Data Model.







The Visual Studio paths for existing Visual Studio projects can be entered in the Solution dialog. These will be used by the C.R.U.D. Template Setup Wizard to save generated code in the required directories:




Web Service Locations must be set to be used by the WebServiceConfig_Exports project which generates Bindings, Endpoints, Service Descriptions & Behaviours as required. Max Buffer Size and Max Received Message Size can be set to the Int32.MaxValue of 2147483647, their default is 65536. Namespaces are obtained when the C.R.U.D. Template Wizard is used:




Click "Clear" to Clear the kiss!® Data Model for the Solution. Once cleared, Synchronise the kiss!® Data Model again by clicking  on the  main form.


Please note: In the event of unexpected generation results it may be necessary to Clear the solution and Synchronise the Solution again although this is rare.


Once Data Sources have been added "Dashboard" can be clicked to view the Dashboard.


If Default Visual Studio Project Paths have been set in Options, these can be populated by clicking the "Default" button and are Database Type aware.



Add a new Solution


File -> New Solution -> Data Sources  -> New Data Source -> Create / Select UDL File -> Test Connection -> OK -> Set required Data Source for Solution -> OK


Set the Target Database Name Placeholder to the name of the Test Database (see Placeholders):




Once created, Solutions can be opened by File -> Open Solution:



Note: After creating a new Solution "Synchronise" the internal Data Model when prompted.


Or a previously opened Solution can be selected from the File | Recent list:





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