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Data Sources





Main Menu > Maintenance > Data Sources


Data Sources allow entry of a Connection String using a UDL file for MS SQL Server if required.



Data Sources cannot be deleted if they are in use by a Solution.



Data Source Dialog


This is displayed when “New” or “Modify” are clicked.



MS SQL Server Database Type


Check "Cloud Based" for Azure databases. Please note, when working with Azure databases response times depend on Connection Speed and Server Performance.




MySQL Database Type:




1.A blank UDL file is available to copy & rename in "[INSTALLDIR]\UDL Files".

2.When adding or modifying a Data Source click "Refresh" to update the Connection String from the UDL file.

3.UDL Files are currently only used for MS SQL Server Datasources

4.Server Name, Default Database and Port are Read Only and set by values in the Connection String.

5.Data Link is only available for UDL Files.


Data Source Fields



Name of the Data Source

UDL File Path

Path to the required UDL File

Connection String

(Read Only) Connection String as retrieved from the UDL File when Refresh is clicked

Database Type

Database Type which can be determined by the UDL File Provider or set manually

Server Name

(Read Only) Name of the Server in the Connection String

Default Database

(Read Only) Name of the Default Database in the Connection String

User Name

(Read Only) Name of the User in the Connection String


(Read Only) Password in the Connection String


(Read Only) Number of the Port in the Connection String


If a UDL File is used, click "Data Link" to display the Windows Data Link Properties dialog. This allows the connection string to be tested:




Note: Set the Database Name Placeholder to the name of the Test Database (see Placeholders). Alternatively kiss!® will set this value (provided a Test Database Name is supplied) once the Solution is closed and re-opened:








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