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Main Menu > Maintenance > Projects


Projects are groups of Table Manifests and \ or File Manifests. New Projects can be added here or from the main form tree view. Set the Build Order by clicking Move Up or Move Down.




Project Dialog


This is displayed when “New” or “Modify” are clicked.




Project Fields



The Solution the Project belongs to which cannot be changed


The name of the Project


The directory of the Project on the file system (disk)


Project Type, select from: Code | SQL | User Defined

Database Type

Database Type. This affects which System Templates are available. All MS SQL Server Templates are set to SQL Server 2014 but will work on previous versions of SQL Server. Add new Templates for older versions of SQL Server to support deprecated functionality if required.


Project Version Number (read only if determined by Solution)

Build Order

Build Order (read only) determines the order in which the Project is processed




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