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Table Manifests





Main Menu > Maintenance > Table Manifests


Table Manifests are used to select which Table(s) and Field(s) are used for the Generation of SQL or Code.




Table Manifest Dialog


This is displayed when “New” or “Modify” are clicked.

Table Manifests determine how (Base Classes etc.) and what (which Tables & Fields) are generated. Table SQL DDL (Data Definition Language) can be views in the SQL DDL tab:




The DataSet Result XSD can be viewed in the following tab:



Value Object Result Tab:




Details Tab




Templates Tab




Prefix and Suffix Tab




Table Manifest Fields


Table Manifest Type

Determined by Project Type of the owning Project. Choose from: Business Logic Layer | Convert Class|Data Access Layer|Domain Objects|Field Enumerations|Manager Objects|Table Enumerations|Transfer Objects|User Defined|Value Objects|Web Services

File Type

Determined by Project Type of the owning Project. Choose from *.cs | *.vb


Name of the Table Manifest

SP Prefix

Prefix for Generated Stored Procedures

SP Suffix

Suffix for Generated Stored Procedures

Trim Table Prefix

Table Prefix to be trimmed from Data Model Tables

Class Suffix

Suffix of Generated Class

Output Directory

Base Output Directory, sub directories of Generated & Custom are created during generation

Field Prefix

Class Field (Member) Prefix

Param Prefix

Method / Stored Procedure Parameter Prefix

Enum Prefix

Enumeration value Prefix

Base Class Template

Template used for the Base Class of the Generated Class

Base Class Name

Base Class Name

Use Base Class

Check if Base Class is to be used

Overwrite Base Class

Check to overwrite Base Class on each Generation

Manifest Template

Template used for the Class of the Generated Code

Foreign Keys Template

Template used for the generation of Foreign Key stored procedures / method calls.


Namespace for the Class of the Generated Code (not applicable to SQL)

File Manifest

File Manifest to receive the Output File(s) from the Table Manifest

Table Set

Table Set to populate Table selections

Convert From

Convert From Class Suffix

Convert To

Covert To Class Suffix

Must Have Primary Key

When checked, all Table selections must have a Primary Key


When checked, all Table selections must have an IDENTITY column

Create File Manifest

When checked, a File Manifest will be created & maintained to contain the Generated Output from the Table Manifest.

Apply User Defined Placeholders After Generate

When checked, User Defined Placeholders will be substituted with values after the generation process.






Show Templates

Show Placeholders


Open Output Location

Connect to Data Source

SQL Tool!™

Start SQL Scripter™ (http://www.sqlscripter.com/) if installed

Table Manifest Version




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