Version now released!

Version of all products has now been released. Minor bug fixes and enhancements included in this release :

  1. All: MS SQL Server 2014 now supported
  2. kiss!: Performance improvements during Code Generation and Table Manifest Validation
  3. All: User Interface improvements to Table and File Manifests
  4. kiss!: Template improvements including Exception Handling and Custom Class Templates
  5. kiss!: Interfaces can now be generated for Value Objects (Data Transfer Objects)
  6. All: Data Source dialog improvements for User Name, Password & Port and Test Data Source
  7. kiss!: C.R.U.D. Template Wizard now allows Database Type selection (currently only SQL Server version are supported, MySQL coming soon!)
  8. All: Solution dialog now has Visual Studio paths. Once set, the generated output from the C.R.U.D. wizard will be placed in these folders
  9. kiss!: Namespace Code Options in the Options dialog
  10. signIT!: Improved search for SDK files
  11. kiss!: The “Database Name” Placeholder has been renamed to “Data Model Database Name”
  12. kiss!: New “Test Database Name” Placeholder

For MS SQL Server installations please ensure the following are installed (available on Microsoft® Download Centre) if MS SQL Server 2014 is not installed on target machine:

  • SQLSysClrTypes.msi (x86) from Microsoft® SQL Server® 2014 Feature Pack
  • SharedManagementObjects.msi (x86) from Microsoft® SQL Server® 2014 Feature Pack




Thank you from rapidagiledevelopment!



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